At the bottom of the garden where no one really sees, a secret school is hidden amongst the grass and weeds. Welcome to Bug School! Don't be nervous on your first day - it's lots of fun. Learn creeping with the spiders, singing with... read more

First Day at Bug School
$14.99 (AUD) inc GST

Off we go! Join in with the school activities, from making masks and visiting the aquarium, to enjoying playground games. Lift the flaps and discover a busy day at school. Bloomsbury's Lift and Look board books are packed full of larg... read more

Lift and Look School
$14.99 (AUD) inc GST


 Starting School

Series:Lucy and Tom

Lucy has her school things ready. She has a new grey skirt, a pair of brown shoes, a pencil case and a satchel. Tom wishes that he had a satchel too. Full of warmth and good humour, the happy simplicity of childhood is captured in this richly illustrated, classic picture book about two young children's first experience of school.

Lucy and Tom at School
$17.99 (AUD) inc GST

Tim, Hannah, Sunita, Joe and Polly are all off to school for the first time. Would you like to meet them and see how they go? There are new friends to make, fun ways to learn, and lots of different things to discover. From Jane Godwin and... read more

Starting School
$24.99 (AUD) inc GST

One, two three. One, two, three. Why won't someone play with me? Heidi is a stick insect, long and thin like the twig of a tree. It's her first day at Bug School, where she hopes to learn lots and make new friends. But no-one will talk to her...... read more

Twig (HB)
$24.99 (AUD) inc GST

Whiffy Wilson doesn't know how to hold a pen and has never looked in a book, but fortunately his friend Dotty is on hand to show him that school is fun. Soon, Whiffy is in his element, and when he gets a gold sta... read more

Whiffy Wilson - the Wolf Who Wouldn't Go to School
$15.99 (AUD) inc GST

My First Day at School is designed to help reassure and prepare school-age children for that magical first day in an unfamiliar environment. It follows the experiences and emotions of four very different children from their first te... read more

My First Day at School (HB)
$25.95 (AUD) inc GST

She sleeps. She eats. She scratches - and finds a hole. When Mothball discovers a new hole, it unexpectedly leads her to the local school. The children learn that wombats love carrots and grass, while Mothball learns that lunch boxes ... read more

Wombat Goes to School
$24.99 (AUD) inc GST

Everyone's favorite fashionista is getting ready for her BIG first day of school! Tomorrow is Birdie's first day of school and she is just SO nervous. What will her teacher be like? What should she bring? What should she WEAR? Wh... read more

Birdie's First Day of School
$26.99 (AUD) inc GST

She eats. She sleeps. She scratches. She goes to school...She sleeps. She eats. She scratches - and finds a hole. When Mothball discovers a new hole, it unexpectedly leads her to the local school. the children learn that wombats love ... read more

Wombat Goes to School
$14.99 (AUD) inc GST

Lions aren't allowed at school, but Iris's lion doesn't want to be left behind. He even stows away on the school trip to the museum, causing much madness and mayhem as he hides among the exhibits. The third warm and funny adventure in the bestselling HOW TO HIDE A LION series is guaranteed to delight children everywhere.

How to Hide a Lion at School
$24.99 (AUD) inc GST
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