Author(s): Bruce Fogle


This work contains over 1000 pedigree dog portraits, each accompanied by key facts about the breed, including its place of origin, physical features, temperament, grooming requirements and breed colours. It is a compact guide for every would-be purchaser of a pedigree dog.


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Bruce Fogle is famous for his expertise in animal behaviour, and is the publishing world's best-selling vet. He lectures internationally, frequently appears on television and radio, and writes for a variety of newspapers and magazines.

Part 1 Introduction: selective breeding; how the breed entries work; key to the coat colour boxes. Part 2 Primitive dogs: Canaan dog; basenji; standard Mexican hairless; pharoah hound; Ibizan hound. Part 3 Sight hounds: greyhound; Italian greyhound; whippet; lurcher; deerhound; Irish wolfhound; borzoi; Afghan hound; saluki; sloughi. Part 4 Scent hounds: bloodhound; basset hound; grand bleu de Gascogne; basset bleu de Gascogne; grand basset griffon Vendeen; petit basset griffon Vendeen; basset fauve de Bretagne; English foxhound; harrier; otterhound; beagle; American foxhound; black-and-tan coonhound; Plott hound; Hamiltonstovare; segugio italiano; bavarian mountain hound; Rhodesian ridgeback. Part 5 Spitz-type dogs: Alaskan malamute; Eskimo dog; Siberian husky; samoyed; Japanese spitz; Japanese akita; shiba inu; chow chow; Finnish spitz; Finnish lapphund; Swedish lapphund; Norwegian buhund; Norwegian elkhund; lundhund; German spitz; pomeranian; papillon; schipperke; keeshond. Part 6 Terriers: lakeland terrier; Welsh terrier; Airedale terrier; Yorkshire terrier; Australian silky terrier; Australian terrier; Irish terrier; Kerry blue terrier; soft-coated wheaten terrier; Glen of Imaal terrier; Norfolk terrier; Norwich terrier; border terrier; Cairn terrier; west highland white terrier; Skye terrier; Scottish terrier; dandie dinmount terrier; Bedlington terrier; Sealyham terrier; smooth fox terrier; wire fox terrier; parson Jack Russell terrier; Jack Russell terrier; Manchester terrier; English toy terrier; bull terrier; Staffordshire bull terrier; American Staffordshire terrier; Boston terrier; American toy terrier; miniature pinscher; German pinscher; Affenpinscher; miniature schnauzer; dachshunds; czesky terrier; griffon bruxellois.

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